Transfer of rights to an allotment garden

Transfer of rights to an allotment garden The right to the allotment garden is transferred under a written agreement bearing a signature certified by a notary public.

Required information

  • particulars of the parties to the agreement: - first name, - surname, parents’ first names, - identity card’s series, number and validity date, Polish Resident Identification Number (PESEL), - residence address.

Required documents:

  • identity card or passport,
  • draft agreement obtained from the allotment gardens administrator.

Civil law transactions tax

It should be noted that if ownership of an allotment garden is transferred, one shall pay the tax on civil law transactions amounting to 2% of the value. Notary public is not a tax payer in this case.


  • 1/10 of the maximum notarial fee rate but not more than PLN 300 net + 20% VAT for each signature,
  • in the case of value amounting to PLN 9,000, signature certification will amount to PLN 31 net + 20% VAT for each signature.
    Please contact our Notary’s Office to calculate the notarial fee.