Buyout of a council flat

A tenant of a flat may apply for the purchase of a council flat if the lease agreement has been concluded for an indefinite period. The tenant should file an application with the competent council. Pursuant to the negotiations report, the Tenant pays the council the sale price reduced by the discount granted by the council.

Required information

  • particulars of the parties to the agreement:
    • in the case of natural persons: - first name, - surname, parents’ first names, - identity card’s series, number and validity date,
    • Polish Resident Identification Number (PESEL), - marital status, - excerpt of a notarial deed documenting an agreement on marital property (if marriage of the party to the agreement is governed by a contractual marital property regime), - residence address,
    • in the case of legal persons: - company, - particulars of the representatives, - number of entry into the National Court Register (KRS), - Tax Identification Number (NIP), - Polish Business Registry Number (REGON), -registered address,
  • subject of the buyout,
  • (market) price, time limit for payment and release of the subject of the agreement,
  • method of payment.

Required documents:

  • identity card or passport,
  • copy of a land and mortgage register (if maintained),
  • report on the discount negotiations conducted with the council or town.


1. Each time the notarial fee is determined individually.

The maximum rates are provided for in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of June 28, 2004 on the maximum rates of notarial fees. Contact our Notary’s Office to determine the notarial fee related to the real estate easement agreement.

2. Court fees depend on the types of entries made in accordance with the Act of 28 July 2005 on court costs in civil cases.

3. Notarial fee for excerpts amounts to PLN 6 net (PLN 7.38 gross) for each started page.