Notary deposit

In connection with a notarial action performed in the notary's office, a notary public has the right to accept, for safekeeping, securities or money in Polish or foreign currency, in order to deliver them to the person indicated or to the person’s legal successor. The subject of the deposit may also be all kinds of documents, also in closed envelopes.

The notary public draws up a report on the deposit receipt.

At the time of drawing up of a report on the deposit receipt, the funds must be credited to the notary's bank account.

Required information:

  • particulars of the person submitting securities, money or documents for deposit:
  • in the case of natural persons: first name, surname, parents’ first names, identity card’s series, number and validity date, Polish Resident Identification Number (PESEL), residence address,
  • in the case of legal persons: company name, particulars of the representatives, number of entry into the National Court Register (KRS), Tax Identification Number (NIP), Polish Business Registry Number (REGON), registered address,
  • valuation of the securities or the amount of money put on deposit,
  • the document being the subject of the deposit,
  • information about who and under what conditions the deposit shall be released to.

Required documents:

  • identity card or passport.

The costs of accepting money for deposit:

  • The notarial fee for preparation of a deposit receipt report amounts to PLN 50 net (PLN 61.50 gross), whereas the notarial fee for storage of a document amounts to PLN 20 net (PLN 24.60 gross) for each started month per each document,
  • Notarial fee for excerpts amounts to PLN 6 net (PLN 7.38 gross) for each started page.