Declaration of submission to enforcement under an occasional lease agreement

Occasional lease is an institution protecting the landlord's property right. An occasional lease agreement should be understood as a lease agreement for premises serving to satisfy housing needs, concluded for a fixed period of time but not longer than 10 years. As a party to the agreement, a lessee of residential premises submits a declaration of submission to enforcement and undertakes to vacate and hand the premises over on the basis of the lease agreement on the date set by the landlord.

Required information

  • particulars of the lessee: first name, surname, parents’ first names, identity card’s series, number and validity date, Polish Resident Identification Number (PESEL), residence address,
  • dla osób prawnych: firma, dane przedstawicieli, KRS, NIP, REGON, adres siedziby.

Required documents::

  • identity card or passport,
  • occasional lease agreement,
  • a statement of a third party (or the lessee, if he/she is the owner of other residential premises) indicating the address of the premises where the lessee will be able to live if he/she is requested to vacate and hand the premises over.


1. Notarial fee amounts to PLN 280 net (PLN 340.40 gross).

2. Notarial fee for excerpts amounts to PLN 6 net (PLN 7.38 gross) for each started page.