The notary public charges a fee for the notarial action performed (notarial fee) increased by the tax on goods and services. Each time the notarial fee is determined individually. The maximum rates are provided for in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of June 28, 2004 on the maximum rates of notarial fees. Contact the Notary’s Office to get information about the notarial fee for a given notarial action.

As a payer of tax on civil law transactions and tax on inheritance and donations, the notary public is obliged to calculate, collect and transfer the tax to the competent authorities.

Moreover, the notary public is obliged to collect a court fee on the application for entry in the land and mortgage register and to transfer it to the competent court.

Tax on civil law transactions, inheritance and donation tax as well as court fees must be paid by bank transfer, in cash prior to the notarial action or using a payment terminal.
In order to calculate the fees, please contact us by phone at: +48 32 227 32 62+48 502 760 110 or send an enquiry to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For a notarial action you can pay:

  • by cash in the Notary’s Office on the date of the notarial action,
  • by a bank transfer to the Notary’s Office bank account No.: 86 1050 1399 1000 0097 1513 8393 held by ING Bank after making prior arrangements with the Notary Public,
  • as cashless payment using a payment terminal and mobile devices provided by our Notary’s Office,
  • payments for notarial deposits should be made to our Notary’s Office deposit account number: 31 1050 1399 1000 0092 6761 4460 held by ING Bank.

If a party to a notarial action is not able to pay the fees charged by the notary public without prejudice to the indispensable maintenance of themselves or their family, the party may apply to the district court  competent for the place of the party’s residence for an exemption from paying this fees in whole or in part.