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About Notary’s Office

Notariusz TychyAgnieszka Gajos Notary’s Office is located in Tychy, 3a Tołstoja Street.
In the Notary’s Office there is a waiting room available for our clients as well as a special area for their children. Moreover an alarm system is installed in our Notary’s Office.

Our Notary’s Office carries out notarial actions, i.e. among others, it draws up notarial deeds and certifications. Our Notary’s Office performs notarial actions both for natural persons, business entities and local government units.

Our Notary’s Office is characterized by a very good work organization. In our work we observe the standards guaranteeing professionalism and promptness of the tasks performed.  Our Notary’s Office offers professional services in the field of notarial actions, applying provisions of applicable law and observing the principles of professional ethics. Before opening the Notary’s Office, the notary public, Agnieszka Gajos, worked as a legal advisor for fifteen years. The extensive experience gained while working as a legal advisor is extremely helpful in performing notarial actions by the notary public -Agnieszka Gajos.
Our Notary’s Office provides free information on, inter alia, planned notarial deeds. Contact our Notary’s Office and provide documents concerning a given case in order to obtain detailed information and advice. All doubts and legal consequences of the documents to be signed will be clarified during a face-to-face meeting. The notary public collects a notary fee for the activities performed as well as other fees and taxes. Their amounts depend on the value of the subject of a notarial action. Contact our Notary’s Office to obtain information about the costs of a notarial action planned.

Directly beside the Notary’s Office building there are numerous free parking lots.

In special cases, notarial actions may be performed in other places (e.g. at the client's home, hospital). The notary public will go to the client’s location only in exceptional circumstances such as poor health condition preventing the client from visiting the Notary’s Office.


Please be advised that an earlier contact with the Notary’s Office will make it possible to determine the type of notarial action, verify the documents, prepare a notarial deed and arrange a convenient date of the meeting. This will allow to shorten the time needed to prepare a notarial deed or other notarial actions.

We kindly request that you visit our Notary’s Office before a notarial action in order to obtain free information and to make individual arrangements with the notary public. You will also be informed about the documents needed and the notarial action costs.

Please remember that a valid identity document is required if you are going to sign a notarial deed, i.e. you must have a valid identity card or passport with you.

You can pay for a notarial action:

  • by cash in the Notary’s Office on the date of the notarial action,
  • by a bank transfer to the Notary’s Office bank account No.: 86 1050 1399 1000 0097 1513 8393 held by ING Bank Śląski S.A. after making prior arrangements with the Notary Public,
  • as cashless payment using a payment terminal and mobile devices provided by our Notary Office
  • payments for notarial deposits should be made to our Notary’s Office deposit account number: 31 1050 1399 1000 0092 6761 4460 held by ING Bank Śląski S.A.